I still gave marks regardless of the poor English!!!!! Ada Budibicara Kau yang Buta hati!!!!

i. Provide the definition of Khul’.
(5 marks)
Khul’ is divorce by redemption (cerai tebus talaq) (1 mark)
whereby the wife (1 mark)
requests for divorce from her husband (1 mark)
by offering him money (1 mark)
or gifts. (1 mark)

Sample answer 1060596

Khul’ one types of divorce follow by redemption (cerai tebus talaq) where by the wife requese or applied divorce from her husband by offering gift or money. According to Imam Hanafi, Khul’ is divorce applied from wife to her husband with given back something. Offering the wife to his husband something not excess value of dower current solemnazation of marriage. Khul’ is divorce redemption such talaq bain sughra or irrevocable.

(4.5 over 5 marks)


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