The Questions for the Assignment

Dear Readers, below is the instruction for the assignment

 Assignment Islamic Family Law

To be produced in: English Language

Please read: Aishah Ghani Memoir Seorang Pejuang,Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1992.Bab XVI: Undang-undang Keluarga Islam.


1. What is the essence of the chapter? Provide the essence (intipati)not the summary (ringkasan).

2. Make a comparison between the initial Act and the current Act and highlight the differences (if any).

3. Is the spirit of the Act still in existence now?Explain.

Each Group: Minimum & Maximum 10 persons (Only one group has 9 members)

Spacing: Double

 Font: Arial (14)

 Pages: Question 1: minimum 7 pages maximum 10 pages (Excluding Bibliography)

 Question 2:minimum 7 pages maximum 10 pages (Excluding Bibliography)

Question 3: minimum 7 pages maximum 10 pages (Excluding Bibliography)

No plagiarism!!!! Date & time due:To be delivered to me at my room (InsyaAllah) by group leader by 10 am 2 February 2008. Marks will be deducted for late delivery.

Dear Readers,  To me the questions require the undergraduates to be analytical. They had to work in teams and I gave them a month to complete the assignment. Their performance=DISMAL!!!!!! Unfortunately the faculty took the assignment papers. Hmmmm! Masalah ni!!!!!


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