World Class Higher Education: USIM Undergraduate 1

World Class Higher Education: USIM Undergraduate 1

Give four (4) instances of Talaq Ba’in Sughra. (4 marks)

 Answer scheme

When the eddah period has expired (1 mark)

Talaq through fasakh (1 mark)

Talaq pronounced before the consummation of the marriage (1 mark)

Talaq through khulu’. (1 mark)

 Sample answer by USIM undergraduate 1060554

-must be pronounce with talaq 3 (reputiation) to his wife.

-the husband will be give the new “maskawin” to his wife.

-the wife will be marriage with another man before marriage ex-husband.

 -can solemnization or ceremony of the marriage, if he want.

[Marks earned: Zero (0) out of Four (4)]


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