World Class Higher Education in Malaysia: USIM Undergraduate 2

World Class Higher Education: USIM Undergraduate 2


What are the consequences of Talaq Ba’in Sughra.     

(6 marks)


Answer scheme


Dissolves a marriage instantly(1 mark)

at the time of  pronouncement(1 mark)

The rights of the wife cease as soon as the talaq is pronounced(1 mark)

If the ex-husband wishes to resume marital relationship with his ex-wife(1 mark)

he has to undergo a new marriage ceremony with her (1 mark)

with a new mas kahwin.(1 mark)


Sample answer by USIM undergraduate 1060554


The pronounce by the husband . If the husband want to ruju’ with his wife, the husband during the period eddah For waiting his wife and return. If the husband wisher to marriage his wife, a wife must must marriage with another man with inttension consummated. After his wife marriage with another man, the husband can marriage his wife or solemnization or ceremony of the marriage.


-three talaq by the husband for his wife.

[Marks earned: Zero Point three (0.3) out of Six (6)]


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