Another Role Model Saidatina Mashitah

Saidatina Mashitah
The lady who combed Firaun’s (Pharaoh) daughter
She refused to worship Firaun unlike others
Therefore Firaun ordered that all her family members be thrown into boiling oil
Mashitah wavered when her baby was about to be thrown into the hot oil
But her baby said to her, “My dearest mother, worship Allah alone, don’t worry about me, I can see the heaven that awaits us, come and join me, mother.”
Mashitah no longer wavered and she had no doubt that Allah will save her family in the eternal world.
Mashitah remained steadfast in her worship to ALlah, she refused to yield & worship Firaun, thus, she was also thrown into the hot oil.
Perished she did but her immense love to Allah is a great inspiration until today.  

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