every suffering I experienced is not meaningless

every suffering I experienced is not meaningless

For I shall be recompensed!!!!!

Dauntless is my middle name

Fearless is my nickname

Allah has HIS hand on everything

As He allows all the suffering & pain to happen

Actually My Role Model Is Saidina Hussain AlaihisSalam

I did an Istikharah & I refused to follow the result of the Istikharah

But somebody sent by Allah Subhana Wa Taala advised me

Before Saidina Hussain AlaihisSalam went to Karbala he did an Istikharah & the result of the Istikharah was that he must go to Karbala regardless of the fact that he would be slain

Therefore I followed my Istikharah for the sake of Allah Subhana wa Taala

Sufferred I did

But eventually AllahSubhana wa Taala saved me from that HELL because I went to that HELL in the very first place for Allah’s sake.

Rasulullah said Those who did Istikharah will never be disappointed (Ma Khaba man Istikhara)

At the end of the day

I shall look at all my pain & suffering

as my relief & succour in the  eternal life/world

This world is just a journey to the eternal world

Bal tu’thirunal hayataddunya wal akhiratu khairu wa abqa

(Hopefully) Allah will look at me in good light as i sought His Pleasure rather than the pleasure of men!!!!!

Hasbunallah wa Ni’mal Wakil ni’mal Maula wa Ni’manNasir.

Wallahu Khairul Makirin.

I have seen many Muslims who are so heartless & munafiq,

I am not surprised at all,

I’ll be really surprised if I come across pious & honest Muslims.

They are almost extinct actually……….

Walmukmimuna wal mukminat ba’dhuhum auliau ba’d.


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