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Sunday June 21, 2009

Top marks for a job well done

Let’s Hear It

YOUR article headlined “Not up to the mark” (StarEducation June 7) was well written; and I applaud your writer Sarah Chew and your paper for bringing it up.

The article said that with about 100,000 graduates being churned out every year, a university degree can’t be all that hard to get. This is indeed true. Just imagine, learning English without grammar in school had even shocked the Education Minister! It is just unbelievable.

I was not shocked when I saw the SPM English Paper which had instructions and questions in both languages so that candidates who could not understand English could understand it in Bahasa Malaysia! Why? I think it is simply absurd!

Frankly I am really disturbed about the state of education in this country. It is good that you highlighted this point so as to open people’s eyes and minds.

The standard of education here is going to the dogs. Look at Singapore where the English language is a medium of instruction and students are able to sit for the Cambridge O-Level and A-Level.

Meritocracy is still the yardstick in the island. It is a level-playing field; and there is no hue and cry over the entry to University or scholarship grants. The best students get the scholarships!

Thank you. Keep it up!


S.H. Huang


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