Munafiq Magnifique in USIM

Munafiq Magnifique in USIM

Tak habis2 burukkan aku

Wrote about Masjid in Berita Harian yesterday

I wonder how long this Munafiq will go on fooling the world that she is a paragon of virtue

But she is nothing but a slime

a wolf in sheep’s clothing

perpetuating her master’s lies

bitching about my so called problems

What are your problems dear munafiq

You are filled with hasad

I am way above you to feel nothing but contempt towards your deceit

What have you got to say about your recent misfortune?

Allah tests you, doesn’t he?

The malaysian tv especially tv9  miss your munafiq appearance

I remember in 2007 you spoke in Ramadhan about penyucian hati

Memang dasar munafiq, hati sendiri kotor nak ceramah pasal pembersihan hati.


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