The typical malay Khairol Khalid

Orang Melayu tanpa pegangan Islam

tanpa taqwa

Itulah Khairol Khalid

Failed his engineering course tukar buat law

Takut hilang scholarship because he failed my paper then started inciting Ghauth to sack me

A stupid lecturer like Norhayati will be impressed with him

Or an ass kisser like Flora Teichner bending backwards to students and Ghauth

But  I am not easily impressed

I got accepted by SC and Zico because I made the cut

I did not have to pull any strings nor kiss any ass 

But this is the typical Malay minus Taqwa who feels he is entitled

Many underqualified Malays have this misplaced strong sense of Entitlement

I don’t hate Malays but without taqwa, they disgust me…


Low quality, perasan hebat, perasan bagus, mulut manis, jatuhkan orang bila terancam & tergugat…..

Orang macam ni senang diperguna dan diperkuda kerana gila kuasa…..


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