The Shafee Yahaya Story-Kalsom Taib

Readers should read Chapter Eleven first as it pertains to abuse of power of the highest order. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This chapter unveils the truth which was not reported by mainstream media when it transpired. The author brings in suitable citations of the Quran which touch my sensitized soul. Indeed we are all answerable and accountable to Allah Subhana Wa Taala and “it is Allah’s perception on us that matters and not the perceptions of inferior mortals”. We seek the pleasure of Allah and not the pleasure of men. Reading his wife’s account of Shafee’s suffering in upholding the truth, it is clear that Shafee sought the pleasure of Allah Subhana Wa Taala and not the pleasure of Dr Mahathir……

And then readers should move on to Chapter 12 which is really enlightening and exciting at the same time. Chapter 12 will whet your appetite for the truth “What really happened in 1998?” 1998 saw the sacking of the DPM. This chapter unravels the stories behind the sacking……The drama that unfolds is really heart-thumping!!!!!!!

Quote: At page 294 ” As a Muslim, it is a big sin to fix anybody.”

Quote: At page 295 “Instead of giving Shafee all the support he would need in the war against corruption, Dr Mahathir was scolding and accusing him of fixing the DG EPU! I recall Dr Mahathir ranting, even shedding tears, against coruption and money politics at one of the UMNO General Assembly meetings.”

Quote: At page 308 “However, we are first and foremost, God-fearing people who have to prepare ourselves to meet our Creator.”

Kalsom Taib is precise, concise and touches the very core of our soul with her carefully chosen and apt Quranic verses. Shafee Yahaya is indeed lucky to have Kalsom who supports him in his difficult testing times. What is even more meaningful is that she becomes his voice by presenting us this masterpiece. She is his champion defending his honour. May Allah Subhana Wa Taala bless this courageous couple……..

Life is meaningless without Iman, Taqwa and making Allah one’s priority, the very axis of our existence, our perigee and apogee. Shafee Yahaya has chosen to make Allah his priority, fearing Allah till the end….. A rarity indeed amidst the corrupt, deceitful and materialistic Malays.


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