The Bitchy Ida Madieha & Puteri Nemie

The Bitchy Ida Madieha & Puteri Nemie

I did not know how bitchy Ida Madieha is until Prof  Akram Shair told me what she did.

Prof Akram Shair recommended my name to the law faculty,

and this woman said to him “Is this the divorcee?” (What is your problem with divorcees? What is your problem with me? I saw you tergedik-gedik bila jumpa Sulaiman Mahbob, your husband should have seen it!!!! Would you have behaved in that manner in your husband’s presence? Your husband should secretly observe your interaction with powerful men. As an attractive divorcee, men seduce me, not the other way round, I don’t even have to be tergedik-gedik like you. Capishe?)

Prof Akram Shair told me that Ida Madieha is very much against my joining the law faculty.

With regard to Puteri Nemie,

She never told me upfront her disgust towards me.

But she kept bitching about me to my favourite lecturer (who is her lunch buddy) who just cannot distinguish right from wrong and hurt my feelings by saying to me “You have bad reputation! People hate you because of what you did to USIM. I typed your name in google and I read many bad things about you. Puteri Nemie says bad things about you.” Well, my dearest beloved lecturer, if you are affected and embarassed by my bad reputation, then don’t associate yourself with me. I don’t have to defend myself and explain my actions to you or anyone. I am beholden to no one but Allah.  There is a hadith, Kalau berkawan dengan tukang besi, kamu akan kena serpihan besi, berkawan dengan penjual minyak wangi kamu akan diselaputi keharuman minyak wangi tersebut. (Befriend the blacksmith, then you will be covered by hot moltens and steel, befriend the perfume seller, then you will covered by the fragrance of the perfume). In your jaundiced eyes, “Am I not the blacksmith?” So go on listening and believing your powerful friends who don’t have the guts to look at me in the eye and give me their piece of mind. Type my name in google and find all the salvos written on me. Goodness gracious, here I am a nobody, being crucified in the internet!!!

My god, first and foremost, why are these motherf—ers so bent on tainting my name and destroying me? Secondly, Are they hiding something?

I am a nobody and these motherf—kers want to crucify me????? As I said to you, I am proud of my reputation. I did whatever I did with regard to USIM and MMU for the sake of Allah, I would have done it again for the sake of Allah no matter what the world thinks of me.

To USIM & MMU ghost writers, Show lah to the whole world USIM & MMU exam anwers if you have the balls.


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