Principles of Malaysian Land Law: Ainul Jaria Maidin & Others

Principles of Malaysian Land Law, Malaysia : Lexis Nexis Malaysia, 2008

This book is indeed beneficial to the legal fraternity be it graduates, undergraduates, practitioners and lecturers as well as other professionals such as surveyors and contractors. However the editing must be improved as the poor editing had somehow diminished the quality of the book. This book is written by many authors that consequently manifests different presentations. Ainul Jaria provides lengthy explanation in Chapters 1, 9, 10 and 12. However Sharifah Zubaidah does not provide enough information in “Indefeasibility of Title and Interests”. Her take on that chapter is more suitable for graduate students and those who have the issues at their fingertips as it is a critique rather than a descriptive explanation. Her writing on that chapter caters to “those in the know” . Nevertheless one would argue that it is her style of presentation and regurgitation of legal facts does not challenge the readers. They should not be lazy and must find the legal facts themselves. A reader of high intellect would be able to understand her piece on “Indefeasibility of Title and Interests”. I also view that Azlinor Sufian and Nor Asiah Mohamed could have provided more legal facts and substance in their chapters. Of course one would argue the following:

1.  “less is more”

2. “length does not matter”

3. “what is length without substance?” 

4. the book would indeed be too voluminous had all authors wrote lengthy explanations.

Anyhow, putting the arguments aside, as a person hungry for beneficial and substantive information, some chapters of this book satiate my hunger and others don’t. Kudos though for coming up with this book as it is indeed useful for law undergraduates.


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