Allah balaih cepat kat hang Prof Madya Mulut jahat

2 bulan lepaih hang buat naya kat aku

kata aku bad reputation

hang pulak kena condemn

aku cari redha Allah

hang cari redha kawan-kawan hang yang busuk perut

padan muka hang

oghang jadi meluat kat hang

apa dah jadi dengan reputation hang?

oghang kata hang tak mau dengaq cakap oghang

mulut lancang

kawan lagi dengan kawan-kawan hang yang mulut jahat

Your best friend cum lunch buddy  

hang pun mulut jahat sama

Syukur pada Allah yang mendengar rintihanku atas penganiayaanmu Prof Madya Mulut Jahat

Aku buat sembahyang hajat 12 rakaat tiap malam

Siap hang

Nanti hang


Biaq sedaq langit tinggi rendah

Aku tadah tangan doa pada Allah aja

Buat lagi

Cakap ikut sedap mulut lagi

you don’t expect me to work with you after you insulted me!

I don’t forgive what you said to me

I’d rather starve than work with you

I don’t mind if Ida Madeiha or Aiman said those words to me

But coming from you, it was a hit below the belt

Totally unexpected as I looked up to you

But you are just like them

Foul-mouthed self annointed condemner

Acting holier than thou

An AIKOL lecturer was right when he said that “you have foul mouth”

I was praising you and he said “listen to what she says, nothing good comes out from her mouth”

You don’t think before you speak

What goes around comes around

Your reputation has gone bad not because you followed Allah

Your arrogance led to your downfall

Your fall from grace

You tumble and crumble from your  pedestal which you built for yourself

Poetic justice indeed….


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