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Deputy Dean Kulliyyah of Laws, IIU Rector, Red Tudung = Sex

When I was an undergraduate,

I and other undergraduates attended a talk by this Deputy Dean who later became the Rector of IIU

She said something irrelevant in the talk which really shocked me

She said her friend “would put on a red tudung if she wants sex” (I quote her verbatim here)

She was so excited when she said that

My goodness

Why can’t people see her true colours?

Would a Mukminah Leader speak like her?

Was sex on her mind 24/7?

I know people would think lowly of me for saying this

Well I don’t care as I speak the truth

May Allah save the sinking ship called IIU (filled with many munafiqun)

And please don’t wear red when you see her

Come to think of it, it’s up to you to wear red when you see her

It’s not your fault that she equates red with sex

Oh My Allah!!!