Much ado about homosexuals in Ireland!

You don’t have to go to University College Dublin to look for a homosexual

Just go to UIA/IIU and USIM and take a good look at the potential homosexuals

I got a male ‘Fiqh and Fatwa’ undergraduate who complained to me that a SMSU (Sarjana Muda Syariah dan Undang-undang) male undergraduate was following him everywhere (sampai ke bilik tidur). His complaint to me “Saya rimas la Madam, dia ikut saya sampai kat bilik”.

With respect to UIA, I know two UIA/IIU homosexuals (well I have not seen both of them having sex with men) but they behave like homosexuals (for example looking at men with desire/ogling at men)

Or you can buy the Star newspaper and look at the face of a homosexual famous columnist whom I saw was blushing when he was talking to an IIU male law graduate at Khalif conference. (I have not seen the columnist having sex with men but I conclude that he is a homosexual)

So please look inside Malaysia in this ….homosexual witch-hunt…., ok ,rather than looking abroad!!!

For the record Allah Subhana wa Taala condemns homosexuality in the Holy Quran.


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