USIM Graduate and Karaoke

I met a USIM SMSU (Sarjana Muda Syariah dan Undang-undang) graduate at a shopping mall recently

He was with his boyfriend

He did not look like a normal hot blooded male, he looked like a homosexual

He told me that he just finished his karaoke

He is doing his Masters at IIUM

He asked me whether I am practising?

I said no

He said “why not? Why don’t you practise in your  father’s law firm?”

So I said to him “I never told you my dad had a law firm”

And then he started to lose confidence, excused himself by saying he had to pick up his car which he sent for service….

Hmmm Hmmmm

After he left I asked my  13 year old daughter, “Do you want to go for karaoke?”

She replied “Haram”

(Me love to sing, me “B” Flat soprano, me condemned by USIM students because I asked them to sing in a USIM event)

Well, well, well……………

Kena ada fartwa (fatwa) ni on “Karaoke”


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