Ambiga Sreevenasan raised my complaint on MMU’s manipulation of marks to the Qualifying Board

Ambiga Sreenevasan the then President of the Bar Council  raised my complaint on MMU’s manipulation of marks to the Qualifying Board. So, since the Qualifying Board recognised MMU’s law degree, I conclude that it did not think that there was any manipulation of marks. Wow, I saw Dr Goh Pek Chen, who specialised in Economics manipulated the marks by simply adjusting the marks according to her own formula without even looking at the answer scripts. Prior to that she demanded that I provide to her a detailed answer scheme which I strictly followed. Prior to that, in a meeting, one law lecturer refused to provide such answer scheme as she deemed it unsuitable for law papers. As far as I am concerned I have fulfilled my part, I marked the scripts carefully following the detailed answer scheme which I provided to DR Goh Pek Chen. She has no right to alter the marks as she is not even qualified in law in the very first place. She passsed the undergraduates who failed my paper to please her SUPERIORS, Ghost Jasmon and Professor Chua. MMU’s senate, the Qualifying Board and MQA condone her unethical practice. There is no integrity in MMU and the same goes for MQA and the Qualifying Board (They have no integrity as well).

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Dear Madam Ambiga
At this juncture, I cannot comment but I strongly believe that this case is worse that Khalid Yusof’s case, but of course in Malaysia, integrity is lost and elusive. Thanks.
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Dear Puan Yasmin,
As promised, I raised your matter at the Q.B. meeting yesterday.
I understand you have spoken to a representative from LAN who will be looking into this matter and reporting back to us.
I hope all is reasonably well.
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