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Clarification I did not say that I was told to give my students who failed a ‘B’ grade if they regularly attended class

Letter to the Star

— On Sun, 6/7/09, nor  wrote:

From:  nor

Subject: Fw: Thankyou & Clarification

To: Sarah Chew


Date: Sunday, June 7, 2009, 9:06 AM

Dear Sarah


Thank you for highlighting my plight,


 However I would like to refer to the clause .”She claimed she was told to give her students who failed a ‘B’ grade if they regularly attended class.”  I would like to clarify here that I did not say that  I  was told to give my students who failed a ‘B’ grade if they regularly attended class.


Thanks again for highlighting my plight, please don’t be offended with my clarification.


Best Regards.


Not up to mark The Star Online > Education

Sunday June 7, 2009 The Star Online

Not up to mark


With about 100,000 graduates being churned out every year, a university degree can’t be all that hard to get.

IT’S in the media, it’s in the coffee shops and everyone seems to have an opinion about the quality of education in the country.

With the increasing number of higher education institutions and graduates, increasingly one of the measuring rods held up is student assessment.

Nor’s* nightmare began when she only passed two of her students in a Syariah law exam.

“The dean told me that we don’t have to follow the marking scheme strictly as it is ‘just a guideline’ and he told me to be lax about the English language because they (students) come from Agama (religious) schools,” says the ex-lecturer of law from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (Usim).

“The dean told me it would affect our university ranking if too many students fail.”

She claimed she was told to give her students who failed a ‘B’ grade if they regularly attended class.

Recently, Kosmo! highlighted her case and Usim has adamantly refuted her claims, stating that the university did not give out ‘mercy marks’.

In a letter to Nor, the university management stated it was not wrong in asking for a review of student assessment, and did not ask her to add marks.

Nor says she has tried her best to give marks to her students – but they do not warrant it.

“Their answers did not answer the basic questions, and I didn’t even ask them analytical questions, I asked them ‘route’ questions like giving definitions, examples, instances and so forth,” she says.

Shocking discovery

Reading through the students’ answer papers, question paper and marking scheme, this reporter discovered a shockingly high number of questions that required straightforward memorisation and even more shocking unrelated answers.

What would the world think of me if I pass these students? It would be unethical of me,” she adds.

Nor claims she has been subjected to verbal abuse, accused of being mentally unstable, with people even poking fun at her personal life.

It is not just Nor, however, as a few lecturers would share similar experiences when probed.

Shanta Perumal* taught in a variety of well-known public universities and a private college before she quit lecturing out of sheer frustration.

She recalls her lecturing days at a private college, where although the passing rate for their exams were high, only five out of a hundred students would pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) required for them to continue their twinning degree in a partner New Zealand university.

For some lecturers, the hassle of writing a report to explain every student failure, arguing with the management, dealing with student appeals and having to possibly re-mark the paper, causes them to resort to unethical practices.

“Instead of going through all that, might as well just add five marks and let the student pass,” says Shanta.

The same sometimes happens in the public universities she has taught English in, she says.

Hard to fail

She thinks that for some courses, “it is impossible to fail” because the breakdown of the marks allocated would easily allow an average student to pass; such as awarding 5% for attendance, 10% for participation and marks for appearance.

She recalls the time she refused to pass a matriculation student who handed in a torn fullscap paper scrawled with some sentences for his essay assignment for her compulsory module. The university passed him on her behalf.

There was also another hilarious occasion where the students were required to answer an exam question “give reasons to your cousin why he should join this course”, in order to test their critical thinking skills.

“We expected them to write things like ‘it opens your mind’, ‘you will gain new experiences’ and so forth.

“But instead, they wrote ‘you will get money from the government and you can buy yourself a motorcycle, it’s a guaranteed pass here, so don’t worry, and later you can work for the government or if you can’t get a job, you can come back here and lecture at this university’”.

The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) says that in its accreditation processes, they look into student assessment systems, even reading samples of student papers to ensure the marking is fair and follows the scheme.

“It’s quite common around the world to use the bell curve as a guide,” says MQA chief executive officer Prof Datuk Dr Syed Ahmad Hussein. “Usually a small group of people would do well, most would be average and some will fail.”

He says in situations where every student gets an ‘F’ or and ‘A’, the “alarm bells” should ring and this would usually call for an investigation by the university senate on why this is so.

The university senate has the authority to do this because there are many possibilities — maybe the exam was too easy or hard, maybe the question papers were leaked, or the lecturer was not fair,” he explains

Varsity can rectify

Should such situations occur, the university is allowed to make rectifications like asking students to re-sit exams, scale the grade brackets upward or downward, or making changes to the student assessment system.

If the senate decides to, say, add 10 marks across the board, it is allowed for and it is legal,” he says. Prof Syed Ahmad doesn’t deny cases where people have complained about standards or non-consistent marking schemes, but he thinks these are isolated cases and not a trend.

He is sceptical of claims that the standards have deteriorated as opposed to “back then”.

There are 100,000 graduates a year these days compared to the 70s, he says, which means that the number of both half-baked graduates and competent graduates would rise as well.

So far, Dr Syed Ahmad reveals that MQA has not received any complaints of conspiracies to pass students.

At the end of the day, he feels that consumers are the best judges of quality.

“After a while, people will start to say that graduates from this college or university don’t get employed, then word will go round and the college will die.”

Public universities such as Universiti Malaya (UM), use the bell curve as a guide, although UM’s examination section (academic division) senior principal assistant registrar Yeoh Siew Wan says it’s not necessary for all courses.

Depending on programmes, UM (like most universities) awards marks to students in a continuous assessment framework which includes not only written examinations but also presentations, quizzes, assignments, fieldwork and projects.

The university’s quality management and enhancement centre’s director Prof Dr Fauza Abdul Ghaffar says UM has in place certain quality management procedures such as internal and external audits, submitting papers to external examiners for input, and vetting the examination papers and marking schemes before students sit for them.

Lecturer’s discretion

Yeoh reveals that the way a lecturer awards marks, however, is left to the discretion of the lecturer.

“The lecturer knows best how to give marks to the students because he or she taught them,” she says, adding that there are strict guidelines and the decision to give extra marks to a student is the committee’s decision, not the lecturer’s.

The same system is practised in Multimedia University, where IT lecturer John See says though the university has the auditing or vetting processes in place, the department heads would not have time to look through or sample the answer sheets, so the lecturers would have to be “responsible”.

“It’s up to the lecturers to set a hard or easy paper, and no one would say much,” he says, adding that there used to be a stricter guideline of what was deemed a “normal” rate of passing and perhaps lecturers were fearful of failing students to adhere to the bell curve, but MMU does not practise that anymore.

“We felt we had to maintain our standards, regardless whether students are lousy or not.”

In UM, there are chances for students to appeal for their paper to be re-marked and also to “redeem” themselves upon failing a subject, if their past performance has been good.

“The lecturer can set him a test, an assignment or interview him — but he can only redeem one subject if he has failed a few,” says Yeoh.

International Medical University (IMU) and Monash University Sunway Campus (Monash) do not use the bell-curve guide but rather, criteria referencing — which assesses a student based on criteria, rather than on the performance of the overall student body.

IMU Faculty of Medicine and Health executive dean Prof Victor K E Lim simply describes it as “if everybody meets the outcome, everybody must pass, but if nobody meets the outcome, everybody must fail!”

He believes the bell-curve guide is not suitable for professional courses like medicine which needs to judge expertise, but is more appropriate for entrance exams where many types of students are taken into account.

To maintain the exam standards across the years, IMU question papers undergo double vetting by lecturers and deans, before being sent to an external examiner for corrections.

After the students sit for the exams, the answers also undergo double marking before sample answer sheets with high, low and average marks are sent to the external examiner to check for marking consistency.

We don’t really find ways to pass a student,” Prof Lim says. “If they want, they can re-sit the exam.”

And to ensure a student is rightly assessed in other areas such as practicals and interaction with patients, they are assessed by multiple lecturers and staff, rather than just one person.

Monash has rigorous vetting and sampling processes, as director of education quality and innovation Dr Glenda Crosling believes that the event of having to scale the grades up or down according to a paper’s level of difficulty shouldn’t happen after students sit for the exams.

I think the paper should be set at the right level beforehand to prevent that from occurring,” she says. “And marks shouldn’t be adjusted just because there are many who fail.”

But if there are unusual trends, the chief examiner would have to explain to the board of examiners why this occurs.

Student assessment obviously does not depend solely on examinations, as assignments and projects play a big role.

A time for learning

From his experience in MMU, See finds that students who fail in his course don’t have the fundamental grasp of the basic concepts in programming.

I think usually the problem stems from secondary school. If the quality of students is low, we can’t help it,” he opines.

The complaint of low standards in the schooling assessment to begin with is not an uncommon one.

We know of students who got straight As for PMR coming into our centre and they literally can’t string together sentences properly,” says Tan Poay Lim, principal of Creative Horizons Language Centre.

“Numbers of distinctions now are so high but the performance is still so low. Put the two and two together and you know that our standards have dropped.”

With 20 years of teaching experience behind him, Creative Education Consultancy managing director Alagesan Arumugam has seen certain trends in the public school examinations.

“I have assessed some of my students and find it hard to comprehend that they are distinction students,” he says. “On my tests, they would get 55% but end up getting 1A in SPM. It does look like it’s relatively easy to score an A these days.”

Alagesan points out that this could be due to a few factors – perhaps the students “bucked up” before the exam, perhaps his own standard was too high or perhaps the marking scheme was lenient.

His suggestion for fairer awarding of grades would be to give A’s to the top 10% of the nation’s scorers according to subjects, to decrease the likelihood of many students getting a string of As.

“Because at the moment, a student may be in the top 1% in Physics but only the top 20% in Chemistry but he gets 1A for each subject.

“So you may get a situation where two students in a class – one who always scores 90% in school exams and another who scores 60% – both getting 1A in SPM. It’s not fair to the first student, isn’t it?”

For Shanta, the root of the problem lies in the low entry requirements for universities and colleges.

She thinks that the government should consider implementing minimum prerequisites to study at matriculation centres, colleges and universities.

“Let’s say most of the class at university got an F in the SPM English paper, the possibility of two thirds failing is very high,” she explains. “But if so many fail, the programme is questioned, the lecturer is questioned and the university has to blame somebody. At the end of the day, lecturers want to hold on to their jobs.”

See believes the general public’s attitude is partly to blame for the occasional lapse of standards.

“I don’t think the public values standards very much,” he says. “When I talk to parents sometimes, they are always asking for the fastest way possible to finish a course.”

He feels there is a tension between maintaining standards and pleasing students as they are “customers” and therefore the pressure is greater, with some students even forming petitions and setting up blogs to contest their results.

Some believe that it is really up to a student himself or herself to make the most of university education.

“The only difference between good students and under-achieving students is whether they put in the effort,” says Owen Yap, a subject matter expert for Basic Interpersonal Communications at Open University Malaysia (OUM).

“I’ve never been pressured by the university to pass students, but my students have begged me before! But I always tell them that they should have done their assignments in order to secure their marks,” he says.

It boils down to attitude, Prof Lim reckons. “Sometimes, it’s not really about knowledge or skills, a very important component is professionalism.

“But assessment of professionalism is difficult. You can’t assess students in an exam, they are bound to give all the right answers!’

And because it’s harder to detect or train attitude problems, Prof Lim claims “we have crooks in our medical system” who would resort to unethical means for money.

It’s not just attitudes of students, of course, it applies to anyone. But it might come at a price, as Nor found out.

“You know, I could have done what was wanted of me and I would still have my job today,” Nor admits ruefully, having resigned from her posts since last year.

“I’ve lost my pension, I’ve lost my chance to study abroad but a life with no conscience is not the way to live.”

■ names have been changed.

Penganiayaan Warga USIM terhadap Yasmin Norhazleena Bahari Md Noor

Puan Izawati Wook telah menuduh saya tidak bertanggungjawab kerana saya tidak membuat penilaian dan pemarkahan kertas-kertas periksa Land Law 1 dan Cyber Laws! Puan Norfadhilah Ali memerli saya kerana tidak membuat penilaian dan pemarkahan kertas-kertas periksa Land Law 1 dan Cyber Laws! Dalam blog “Normal is UnderRated”, Staf USIM menuduh saya tidak ada semangat kerja berkumpulan.

Cik Syaryanti kata pada saya, yang saya memang tidak boleh bekerja dengan orang !! Let me qualify her statement,  Kebenaran yang hakiki ialah saya  tidak boleh bekerja dengan orang yang tidak ikhlas dan tidak jujur!!!!! Adakah kejujuran dan keikhlasan nilai-nilai murni yang pupus di USIM ?

Untuk menangkis tuduhan Staf USIM bahawa  saya tidak ada semangat kerja berkumpulan, for the record, saya telah membantu USIM menjemput Tan Sri  Zaki Tun Azmi (sekarang Tun Zaki)  untuk merasmikan persidangan antarabangsa anjuran Fakulti Syariah & Undang-undang. Buktinya saya telah menyuruh  setiausaha Politik  di Jabatan Perdana Menteri bercakap dengan Puan Intan Nadia tentang usaha menjemput Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi untuk merasmikan persidangan antarabangsa anjuran Fakulti Syariah & Undang-undang. Setiausaha Politik  di Jabatan Perdana Menteri telah memberi sendiri kepada Puan Intan Nadia, nombor handphone pegawai khas Tan Sri  Zaki Tun Azmi.

Pengalaman saya sepanjang berkhidmat di Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, “slogan berilmu, berdisiplin dan bertaqwa” hanyalah satu slogan semata-mata! Ruh Islam dan Taqwa tidak dihayati langsung!!!

Pihak Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) mengungkit saya digantung kerja di Multimedia University (MMU) , tetapi MMU dan USIM pada dasarnya sehati sejiwa, dua kali lima,  tidak berbeza, kedua-dua universiti menjual dan mengkomersialkan ilmu. Saya digantung kerja oleh MMU kerana enggan bersekongkol dengan Dekan dalam memalsukan markah. MMU di bawah Gauth Jasmon, tidak membenarkan pensyarah menggagalkan lebih daripada 80 peratus mahasiswa dalam satu kursus. Di MMU 80 peratus mahasiswa sesuatu kursus dijamin lulus kerana Gauth Jasmon membuat peraturan para pensyarah hanya boleh menggagalkan 20 peratus mahasiswa sahaja dalam satu-satu kursus.

Apabila ilmu diperdagangkan oleh universiti, maka universiti tersebut turut menyisihkan integriti serta kualiti ilmu kerana ilmu, wang dan kualiti tidak mempunyai nilai dan kuasa yang setara. Please note the imbalance of power! Demi wang ringgit, ilmu diperdagangkan.

Saya menanda kertas Ahwal Shahsiyyah dan Acara Mal dengan jujur tetapi saya telah diselar dan dimaki oleh Pengurusan Tertinggi USIM. Tiada siapa pun staf USIM yang  membela saya kecuali Dr Asma Akli (bukan orang Melayu) tetapi masing-masing mengambil kesempatan serta turut serta berpakat untuk memburukkan saya serta menyingkirkan saya terutamanya Timbalan Dekan FSU ketika itu, Pendakwah Selebriti Terkenal Ustazah Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Saleh, En Muhammad Nizam Awang @ Ali, Profesor Dr Muhamad Muda dan Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa.

 Berikut adalah sebab-sebab kenapa saya tidak membuat penilaian dan pemarkahan kertas-kertas periksa Land Law 1 dan Cyber Laws.

Sebab 1

SAYA disalahkan oleh Dekan iaitu Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa kerana 135 mahasiswa/undergraduates gagal daripada 137 orang untuk subjek Ahwal Shakhsiyyah dan 18 mahasiswa/undergraduates gagal daripada 20 orang untuk subjek Acara Mal.

Kata-kata Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa

“Walau apapun, memandangkan hampir keseluruhan pelajar yang mengambil kertas puan diberi status gagal, pencapaian majoriti gagal ini mungkin juga boleh dilihat berpunca daripada pendekatan dan keberkesanan pengajaran puan. “

Perbuatan Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa

Immediately after I refused to alter my marks, on three occasions when I bumped unto Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa, he pretended to cough and spitted. His action is a display of his contempt towards me. Please repeat your disgusting act to me in front of everyone.

Pembelaan SAYA- 

Perkataan pelajar yang Tuan Dekan gunakan adalah tidak sesuai, mereka adalah MAHASISWA bukan PELAJAR!! Kalau seseorang belajar dalam darjah satu, dia wajar digelar sebagai pelajar. Tetapi kalau seseorang itu menuntut ilmu di menara gading, maka dia wajar digelar mahasiswa bukan pelajar.Jangan salah gelar dan salah tafsir!

Saya telah membantu mahasiswa sedaya upaya saya sampai ke tahap  saya telah memberi mereka jawapan soalan-soalan peperiksaan Ahwal Shahsiyyah dan Acara Mal. Soalan Mid Sem Ahwal Shahsiyyah adalah soalan mudah untuk membantu mereka lulus. Maaf saya tidak boleh menjawab soalan peperiksaan, on their behalf. 

Moreover, a majority of the undergraduates are not proficient in English. They had studied the English language since standard one until form five (11 years). Why aren’t they proficient? Their teachers spent 11 years teaching them English and yet they do not display commendable proficiency.

My children who are 11 and 10 years of age respectively, speak good English (based on my standards) because I communicate to them in English since they were in my womb until today. When I was 9 years old my father forced me to read English newspapers and find 10 difficult words every day without fail!

In order to have a good command of the English language one must read English materials extensively.

Are the USIM undergraduates well read?

How did the USIM undergraduates’ perform in their SPM English paper?

How many of them attained distinction?

Provide the proof to me.

I can vouch that USIM has low standards as a former Deputy Dean of FSU, Nik Salida Suhaila  did not even get a distinction for English in SPM. Yet, this person who speaks poor English was appointed as an English Editor for many USIM and FSU publications.

Shame on you USIM for your low standards! How do you expect me to produce excellent students within the span of 14 weeks when they can’t master the English language even though they had studied it for 11 years!!!

Sebab 2

Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa insinuates that I will jeopardize the undergraduates’ future. Their fate lies in my hands.

Kata-kata Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa

“Saya kira perkara ini perlu dilihat semula dengan lebih serius oleh puan agar bilangan pelajar yang gagal pada masa akan datang tidak sampai ke tahap yang membimbangkan yang boleh menjejaskan pencapaian dan masa depan mereka.”

Pembelaan  SAYA

I had given them extra classes. I spent 3 hours of my time per week teaching them English free of charge, for 9 weeks!!!!!

Sebab 3  SAYA diaibkan oleh Timbalan Dekan FSU (ketika itu) Pendakwah Selebriti Terkenal Ustazah Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Saleh

Kata-kata Ustazah Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Saleh

Yasmin ni dulu masa mengajar dengan saya di matrik pernah “sakit” dan tak mampu nak tanda sendiri kertas jawapan student. Sayalah yang kena tanda kertas periksa student dia.  Yasmin ni menghilangkan diri dan tidak bertanggungjawab.

Pembelaan SAYA

Saya tidak menghilangkan diri dan mendapat kebenaran majikan di Matrik untuk bercuti. Ketua jabatan turut mengizinkan saya mengupah RAKAN-rakan SETUGAS menanda kertas-kertas jawapan pra-mahasiswa UIA yang saya ajar  iaitu Che Zuhaida, Murshid, Marzuki dan Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Saleh.

Soal utama pada tika dan saat ni,  sekarang , is NOW, bukan masa lampau, not the past, saya menanda kertas jawapan para mahasiswa yang mengambil kursus-kursus yang saya kendalikan  di USIM dengan penuh Taqwa tapi saya dituduh macam-macam dan dipaksa to lower my standards and expectations!!

Don’t bring in the past in order to discredit me in order to conceal the fact that USIM undergraduates (doing my courses) are not proficient in English . You (Nik Salida Suhaila) can’t even string a proper sentence to the extent that you copied my written work!  The way you survive is by sucking up and stabbing people from the back. Shame on you Ustazah Celebrity!

Sebab 4

TNCA Profesor Dr Muhamad Muda telah mencerca SAYA dan menghalau SAYA daripada berkhidmat di USIM

Kata-kata Profesor Dr Muhamad Muda

“You are a failure!

Your effort goes down the drain because your students fail.

The government can spend a lot of money training but it’s no use if the students fail.

You are not suitable for our university.

You are in the wrong place.

Our university rates our students based on their development.

You should leave our university!

Can your students understand your teaching as a majority of them failed!!!!!!

How come your students distorted what you taught!!

Why are you so vindictive?

What do you think of our students?

You look down at our students!”

Pembelaan SAYA.

Was Nabi Muhammad (peace be upon him) a failure when the people of Mekah refused to accept his teachings for more than a decade?

He had to migrate to Madinah after more than a decade of preaching in Mekah as the people of Mekah plotted to kill him.

Was Nabi Muhammad a failure because the people of Mekah refused to heed to his teachings?

Was Nabi Muhammad (peace be upon him) a failure when the people of Taif refused to accept his teachings, they insulted and threw rocks at him until He bled.

Was Nabi Muhammad (peace be upon him) a failure when his own uncle who raised him, Abu Talib refused to embrace Islam and died as a Kafir.

Was Nabi Nuh (peace be upon him) a failure as his offspring and wife refused to heed to his teachings and died as Kuffar.

Was Nabi Musa (peace be upon him) a failure as his own adopted father, Firaun refused to submit to Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala and died a Kafir.

Was Nabi Lut (peace be upon him) a failure as his people refused to accept his order prohibiting homosexual acts and his wife refused to submit to Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala and died a Kafir.

Did Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala label the abovementioned prophets of Allah to be failures because some people refused to follow and obey their teachings?

Sebab 5

Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa membela tindakan TNCA Profesor Dr Muhamad Muda dan menuduh (SAYA) membuat cerita.

Kata-kata Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa

“Orang kampung cakap tak berasas. Alasan puan tidak dapat memeriksa kertas jawapan peperiksaan gantian bagi kursus puan yang merupakan tanggungjawab puan sebagai pensyarah adalah tidak dapat diterima kerana tidak berasas dan tidak berkaitan. Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa memeriksa kertas jawapan peperiksaan kursus puan adalah tanggungjawab puan walau dalam keadaan apa sekalipun. Puan tidak seharusnya menggunakan (mengulang) atau mengaitkan alasan yang disebutkan untuk melepaskan diri dari tanggungjawab dan menyalahkan orang lain lebih-lebih lagi alasan (tuduhan) yang digunakan oleh puan tidak berlaku dan telah dijelaskan sebelum ini. Sikap dan bahasa yang puan tunjukkan dan gunakan adalah tidak sesuai di fakulti dan universiti ini, dan ianya hanya boleh memburukkan gambaran peribadi puan sendiri.”

Pembelaan SAYA.

Inilah contoh semangat setiakawan golongan tidak dapat membezakan Haq dan Batil. Kawan mestilah bela kawan, barulah selamat dan boleh naik pangkat.

Sebab 6

Pihak Majlis Bersama Jabatan yang dipengerusikan oleh Naib Canselor USIM sendiri (menurut kata Ustaz Nidzamuddin Zakaria) membela tindakan TNCA Profesor Dr Muhamad Muda mencerca SAYA dan menghalau SAYA daripada berkhidmat di USIM dan menganggap tindakan tersebut adalah usaha murni.

Kata-kata Ustaz Nidzamuddin Zakaria

“Sebagaimana yang telah kita persetujui bersama di akhir pertemuan kita kira-kira sebulan lalu, pihak kami masih menunggu BUKTI KONKRIT pendakwaan puan tentang Aduan Mengenai Tindakan TNC A  ke Atas Puan pada hari tersebut sepanjang TEMPOH SEBULAN ini. Pihak MBJ (Wakil Akademik) memandang serius terhadap pendakwaan TANPA BUKTI KONKRIT untuk dibawa ke peringkat atasan. Untuk menjaga prosedur pendakwaan tersebut kami (merujuk perbincangan saya dan Ustaz Manan sejurus Puan menghantar email) tetap memerlukan PENDAKWAAN YANG ADA BUKTI daripada Puan untuk tindakan susulan. Diharap Puan memahami kewajaran perkara ini di ambil. Sekian, terima kasih. Pihak kami (MBJ Akademik) memohon berbanyak kemaafan kepada pihak Puan sekiranya permintaan tersebut tidak dapat kami penuhi kerana hal ini tertakluk kepada prosedur yang perlu kita patuhi dan bidang kuasa pihak MBJ yang agak terhad. Kami berpendapat bahawa tindakan Puan menghadiri perbincangan dengan TNC A tempoh adalah betul di samping kami berpandangan bahawa perbincangan TNC A USIM adalah usaha murni beliau untuk mencari jalan terbaik bagi membina kecemerlangan akademik USIM secara umumnya dan demi menjaga kebajikan anak-anak pelajar kita yang kita didik selama ini khususnya. Perbincangan itu tidak sepatutnya dilihat dari sudut negatif sebagaimana Puan juga tidak mahu dilihat negatif dalam aspek pemarkahan yang telah Puan lakukan. Jadi, kami percaya tentunya pertemuan itu adalah jalan mencari penyelesaian ke arah kebaikan dan bukan mencari kesalahan dan membawa keburukan. Secara ikhlasnya, marilah sama-sama kita bersatu mencari jalan kebaikan dan bukan berselisih pandangan dan bersengketa dengan mencari noktah-noktah khilaf dan perselisihan!! Perkara ini akan selesai dengan Istikharah dan Istisyarah yang jujur dan benar.

Pembelaan SAYA

Orang jahat dan licik takkan buat jahat depan orang lain. Macam mana nak dapat bukti konkrit. Kalau nak maki , maki dalam bilik, tutup pintu, secretary tak dengar. Siapalah nak percaya , dia tu dah lah baru, janda pulak tu. Well this is common. Only orang beriman akan membela kebenaran. I can’t expect people to be beriman as Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala made a promise “Laamlaanna jahannama minal jinnati wannaasi ajmain.” Mestilah ampu TNCA mana tahu boleh jadi Profesor Kangkung.

Sebab 7

Ketua Program Sarjana Muda Undang-undang (SMSU) En Muhammad Nizam Awang @ Ali tidak mahu ambil tahu perbuatan TNCA terhadap SAYA.

Kata-kata Ketua Program SMSU

En Muhammad Nizam Awang @ Ali “Itu saya tak tahu. Saya tak nak ambil tahu. “

Pembelaan  SAYA.

Tugas Ketua Program SMSU ialah tidak membela Pensyarah yang ditekan oleh Dekan. Tugas  Ketua Program SMSU ialah mengampu Dekan dan TNCA supaya cerah masa depan. See no evil hear no evil.

Sebab 8

Naib Canselor USIM Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin memfitnah (SAYA)membuat hubungan dengan Dekan USIM yang sudah beristeri.

 Kata-kata Naib Canselor USIM Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin

“Dia ni ada hubungan dengan Dekan yang sudah beristeri.”

 Pembelaan SAYA.

This is a fitnah showing how low the NC can go to humiliate me and tarnish my reputation.

Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin bukanlah insan yang bertaqwa dan ikhlas berkhidmat kerana Allah Subhana Wa Taala meskipun dia adalah merupakan ulama tersohor negara yang dilantik sebagai Pengerusi Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan.

Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin dan pensyarah yang satu kepala dengannya telah menganiaya rakan saya, seorang pensyarah yang lebih berkaliber dari  Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin semasa di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Menurut rakan saya,  Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin melayan peon di jabatan mereka lebih baik dari dia melayan rakan saya tersebut. Menurut rakan saya, Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin tidak berpuas hati kerana NC UKM masa itu Prof Sham Sani, menghormati rakan saya dan melantik rakan saya sebagai Timbalan Dekan di bawah Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin yang menjadi dekan.

Rakan saya adalah Profesor berkualiti dan mencintai ilmu. Beliau menulis buku “Ocean of Unity” yang merupakan suatu karya  yang membincang dan membandingkan kerohanian (spirituality) di alam Melayu dan juga di Parsi. Dapatkan buku tersebut dan nilai sendiri kehalusan bahasa Profesor tersebut. Sila kenal pasti sama ada buku tersebut menzahirkan kajian yang mendalam serta teliti.

(Saya tidak mendapat ganjaran ataupun royalti mempromosi buku tersebut, saya sekadar mahu memberitahu kebenaran yang tersimpan).

Seseorang yang tahu menilai akan dapat membezakan “Profesor berkualiti dan mencintai ilmu” dan “Profesor kangkung Pedagang Ilmu”. Hanya Jauhari mengenal manikam!!!!

Alaf ini kita berbicara tentang perdagangan manusia, tetapi dalam AlQuran sendiri Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala  berfirman tentang golongan yang memperdagangkan ayat-ayat Allah dengan harga yang sedikit.

Hakikatnya pemimpin Universiti  Sains Islam Malaysia tidak menghayati elemen bertaqwa dan roh Islam. Mereka adalah pencemar nilai murni Islam. “Antara munafiq, fasiq, zindiq dan tahqiq, tepuk dada tanya iman!”

Di dunia anda semua terlepas, tetapi di akhirat, tunggulah sahaja perhitungan kita semua bersemuka di hadapan Allah Subhana Wa Taala.

Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin, tolong bawa bukti fitnah anda bahawa saya membuat hubungan sulit dengan Dr Rosni!!!

Ustaz Nidzamuddin sila tuntut daripada Allah Subhana Wa Taala bukti Prof Dr Muhamad Muda mencerca dan menghalau saya, saya yakin Allah Subhana Wa Taala dapat mengemukakan bukti tersebut kepada awak kerana Allah Subhana Wa Taala tidak alpa dan tidak tidur walau sesaatpun.

Encik Muhammad Nizam, sila terangkan kepada Allah Subhana Wa Taala di hadapan saya, sebab sebenar awak membenci saya. Allah Subhana Wa Taala juga akan menerangkan kepada awak atas permintaan saya kepada Allah Subhana Wa Taala, sebab musabab  saya meminta awak memulangkan buku karya Prof  Hashim Kamali kepada saya. Itupun kalau awak hendak ambil tahu sebab musabab  saya meminta awak memulangkan buku karya Prof  Hashim Kamali kepada saya. Awak patut bersyukur saya tidak mahu meminjamkan buku kepada awak, awak bebas dan berhak meminjam buku dari orang lain….

Saya tak nak ambil tahu pun dengan siapa awak pinjam buku tetapi saya masih mahukan dokumen berkenaan lawatan mahasiswa ke Kementerian Perdagangan dalam Negeri yang awak enggan berikan kepada saya.

Khas buat Warga Usim yang menganiaya saya Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa

·  Al-Isra (The Journey by Night) [17:14]




Iqra kitabaka kafa binafsika alyawma AAalayka haseeban

17:14 (It will be said to him:) “Read thine (own) record: Sufficient is thy soul this day to make out an account against thee.”

Khas buat Warga Usim yang menganiaya saya iaitu:

1. Profesor Dr HAJI Abdul Samat Musa. Kau ni Professor kangkung, apa kau buat dengan Dr Zulkifli Al Bakri sampai dia letak jawatan hah? Sumbangan dan karya akademik Dr Zulkifli Al Bakri jauh lebih besar dan bernilai berbanding dengan sumbangan dan karya akademik awak. OOPs saya lupa, awak ni naik pangkat bukan kerana sumbangan keilmuan awak tapi kerana anda patuh menerima arahan, ” Yes sir, I am at your service.”  That’s you, not me.

2. Ustazah Selebriti Busuk Hati Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Saleh (Kepada sesiapa yang tuduh saya cemburu dengan Ustazah Selebriti Busuk Hati munafik ni, dia ni anak siapa, you tak tahu ke I anak siapa? Bekas Menteri Besar Selangor pun niat nak jadikan I menantu dia tau! Masa Wedding I dulu, Bekas MB Selangor hadir, MB Selangor masa tu pun hadir, bekas Ketua Polis Negara pun hadir tau!!!!!) Siapa kata orang kaya jahat dan orang miskin baik ? Tengok betina ni, baru naik sikit dah tak sedar diri, kaduk naik junjung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


4. Ustaz Nidzamuddin Zakaria. Lulusan Univesiti Madinah Contoh.


(Dia bengang saya minta pulangkan balik buku), En Muhammad Nizam Awang @ Ali iaitu Pemenang Anugerah Pencinta Ilmu UKM tahun 2001 pun nak  pinjam buku dari saya, pelik bin ajaib!!!! Pemenang Anugerah Pencinta Ilmu adalah anugerah UKM kepada para pelajar cemerlang daripada pelbagai fakulti di UKM yang turut mempunyai rekod penggunaan perpustakaan yang tinggi. Buku Hashim Kamali tu ada kat library USIM, TAKKAN TU PUN TAK TAHU. OH I LUPA YOUR TAGLINE IS, “SAYA TAK TAHU DAN SAYA TAK NAK AMBIL TAHU.”

6. Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin (Pengerusi Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan juga). Masa saya menang anugerah Best Matrik Law Student, anak dia tak menang apa-apa anugerah PUN!!!!!!!. Untung bapa jadi NC, anak jadi pensyarah, cerah masa depan. ENGLISH PUN TAK DAPAT LEVEL 3 MACAM I MASA KAT MATRIK. Tak ada siapa lah nak fitnah anak kau yang LAWA SANGAT TU ADA HUBUNGAN DENGAN SUAMI ORANG. ANAK KAU TU  KAN WANITA TERCANTIK USIM!!!!!


Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin, anak perempuan kau muka buruk macam muka kau, kau junjung di USIM, aku anak orang muka 1000x lebih cantik dari anak kau, kau hina macam-macam.

Kalau muka macam aku bekas menteri besar pun nak buat menantu, kalau muka buruk macam anak kau…………!!!!!!!



7. Siti Khairul Aminah (She said to me “It’s a non issue “when I requested the student’s Proposal to visit a ministry. This lazy and rude student did not inform me that she will miss my class as their visit was scheduled during my class). Kesayangan dekan serta barua En Muhammad Nizam Awang @ Ali.

 It’s a non issue because you arrange the visit to go dating AND MERENYAM!!!! Wah dah pandai cakap non -issue, ni mesti Pemenang Anugerah Pencinta Ilmu UKM 2001 yang ajar.

8. Khairi Zulkifli (He said to me, “We want to respect you but we can’t respect you!!”) Why you don’t want to respect me, because you failed my paper ke? Buang Lah songkok awak tu munafik, kau panggil aku setan dan baca jampi depan aku dalam kelas. Kenapa lah Ustazah Selebriti Busuk Hati Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Saleh, tak kata kau mental sebab baca jampi dalam kelas. Anta  punya jampi serapah tak jalan sama ana lah!!!!!!! Munafik!!!!!!!

Kesayangan dekan serta barua En Muhammad Nizam Awang @ Ali.

 9. Isteri Orang bekas janda tak pakai bra Anak Tudung Dr Asma Abdul Rahman. Wahai betina laknat, lagi baik aku tolong anjing dari tolong kau betina laknat. hentikan sifat kau mencabul wanita, aku rasa kau ni lesbian lah sebab kau selak dan raba kaki aku. Janganlah goda aku, aku wanita tulen lagi normal tau. Dah Muhamad Muda naik jadi vc ni, boleh lah kau bertenggek di pejabat dia, dulu kan kau cakap Muhamad Muda frust kau tak nak kat dia. Sapa-sapa yang nak kat kau memang lah ‘have poor taste’ sebab kau ni busuk hati macam ustazah selebriti, kaki fitnah ,kaki domba, kaki ampu dan kaulah syok kaki peraba kaki….

The Bitchy Ida Madieha & Puteri Nemie

The Bitchy Ida Madieha & Puteri Nemie

I did not know how bitchy Ida Madieha is until Prof  Akram Shair told me what she did.

Prof Akram Shair recommended my name to the law faculty,

and this woman said to him “Is this the divorcee?” (What is your problem with divorcees? What is your problem with me? I saw you tergedik-gedik bila  jumpa Sulaiman Mahbob, your husband should have seen it!!!! Would you have behaved in that manner in your husband’s presence? Your husband should secretly observe your interaction with powerful men. As an attractive divorcee, men seduce me, not the other way round, I don’t even have to be tergedik-gedik like you. Capishe?)

Prof Akram Shair told me that Ida Madieha is very much against my joining the law faculty.

With regard to Puteri Nemie,

She never told me upfront her disgust towards me.

But she kept bitching about me to my favourite lecturer (who is her lunch buddy) who just cannot distinguish right from wrong and hurt my feelings by saying to me “You have bad reputation! People hate you because of what you did to USIM. I typed your name in google and I read many bad things about you. Puteri Nemie says bad things about you.” Well, my dearest beloved lecturer, if you are affected and embarassed by my bad reputation, then don’t associate yourself with me. I don’t have to defend myself and explain my actions to you or anyone. I am beholden to no one but Allah.  There is a hadith, Kalau berkawan dengan tukang besi, kamu akan kena serpihan besi, berkawan dengan penjual minyak wangi kamu akan diselaputi keharuman minyak wangi tersebut. (Befriend the blacksmith, then you will be covered by hot moltens and steel, befriend the perfume seller, then you will covered by the fragrance of the perfume). In your jaundiced eyes, “Am I not the blacksmith?” So go on listening and believing your powerful friends who don’t have the guts to look at me in the eye and give me their piece of mind. Type my name in google and find all the salvos written on me. Goodness gracious, here I am a nobody, being crucified in the internet!!!

My god, first and foremost, why are these motherfuckers so bent on tainting my name and destroying me? Secondly, Are they hiding something?

I am a nobody and these motherfuckers want to crucify me????? As I said to you, I am proud of my reputation. I did whatever I did with regard to USIM and MMU for the sake of Allah, I would have done it again for the sake of Allah no matter what the world think of me.

To USIM & MMU ghost writers, Show lah to the whole world USIM & MMU exam answers if you have the balls!

Moronic and cowardly Penulis surat layang Ustaz Senior FSU in need of viagra

Moronic and cowardly Penulis surat layang Ustaz Senior FSU, Alhamdullillah I have settled my case with MMU. The new management of MMU had settled my legal suit amicably. You know nothing, you just shoot blanks (go and get yourself tongkat ali & viagra), kah!kah!kah!you  need those aphrodisiacs, that’s why you are so bacul and stupid!!!!

An2Blur You Bloody Boot-licker, so blur and stupid !!!

AN2Blur You Bloody Son of A Bitch, you were harping about MMU, the new management of MMU has settled my legal suit. I am having the last laugh, you mother-fucking low life. 

Thanks OmegaMan for every kind word. OmegaMan, in another blog “Normal is Overrated” under “A Complaint to USIM” somebody wrote to me, the following:

“an2blur Says:

April 21, 2009 at 3:12 am

dear my beloved Nor,

may i ask u something?

what happened at MMU before u come to USIM?

So I replied to him OmegaMan the following,

April 21, 2009 at 4:32 am

“Well go and check with the MQA lah, U think U can use it against me, ha!ha! Go ahead, I am waiting for your cheap shots, I am not afraid of U & Ghauth Jasmon!!!!!! Ha!HA! HA! You are fighting with the wrong person!Kah! Kah! Kah! You are digging Gauth Jasmon’s Grave & MMU. Kah ! Kah! Kah!”


This is not the first time I was victimized for sticking to my principles. Prof Dato Dr Ghauth Jasmon (former MMU president & the current VC of University Malaya) suspended me because I refused to follow MMU’s regulations that “only 20% can fail & a majority of the undergraduates must get B”. I really suffered because MMU did not pay my salary until I had to borrow RM50 from a friend and it was during the fasting month. You know I had to celebrate hari raya being jobless & penniless with my children. I can suffer alone but my children also HAD TO SUFFER WITH ME because I stuck to my principles!!!!! I even felt sorry that MY CHILDREN HAD ME AS THEIR PENNILESS DOWNTRODDEN MOTHER!!! For the Record, MMU later paid me the salary.

Despite being victimized at MMU, in USIM, the same thing happened, THE SUPERIORS DEMANDED HIGH PASSING RATE REGARDLESS OF THE POOR QUALITY but OmegaMan, I was still the same principled person just like when I was at MMU. Nobody can buy my soul, it is not for sale. I won’t sell my soul at any price, as every soul belongs to ALLAH the Almighty.

OmegaMan, SJS & readers of TMP,

You will read all those character assassinations against me. It is the Malay culture to look down at divorcees. When I refused to obey the unethical order by the dean at USIM, the VC of USIM Dato Prof Dr Abd Shukor Husin stoop so low to announce in a meeting with all USIM Deans, that I ada hubungan dengan seorang dekan yang sudah berkahwin!!! Dengan nama Allah, ini adalah fitnah! OmegaMan, in Islam, fitnah/slander is more sinful than killing. This Fitnah came from a VC whom the Malaysian Government ALSO appoints as “Chairman of Fatwa Committee”. O My God! Allah please save the Muslims from this charlatan & Munafiq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dato Prof Abd Shukor Husin treated me as if I am an immoral, cheap woman who have no parents & no breeding. His daughter is as ugly as him and he puts her high on the pedestal. Would anyone slander his daughter having an affair with anyone as she is god-damn ugly?
Dato Prof Abd Shukor Husin is too much as he slandered/fitnah me just because I refused to manipulate marks. I am not his first victim you know!

Don’t be fooled by charlatans out there who have Syariah/Islamic degrees/masters/phds to boot, but they are the ones who desecrate and defile Islam as well as trample on those who strive to be bertaqwa (like me). I don’t claim to be bertakwa but I try to please Allah My Creator & Savior!!!

Prof Dato Dr Ghauth Jasmon labeled me as “gila” in a board of directors meeting when a director tried to defend me. Prof Dato Dr Ghauth Jasmon said to the Director, “Why do you defend her, is she your girlfriend?”

These people, OmegaMan, ada good connections WITH THE POWERS THAT BE, KAKI AMPU & YES Men. I am a nobody. I challenge the Malaysian Government to investigate MMU & USIM & REVEAL TO THE PUBLIC!!!!! KOREK! KOREK! KOREK!

FYI, OmegaMan, I complained to MQA about MMU but the answer is very disappointing. As usual lah, you knowlah, partners in crime, brothers in arms, solidarity among the corrupt!!!

Why am I not afraid to say this? SJS, if they sue you FOR PUBLISHING THIS, ASK THEM TO SUE ME, I’ll take FULL RESPONSIBILITY AS THESE PEOPLE MADE ME & MY CHILDREN SUFFER BIG TIME YOU KNOW! I shall reveal my identity to you if they sue you. They forget I have strong faith in ALLAH ALMIGHTY (SUBHANA WA TAALA).

No problem lah OmegaMan, Allah is Fair, now, I have food on my table, I have roof over my head & my children are healthy. What more can I ask. I don’t die if I am jobless. No problem lah, OmegaMan, rezeki di tangan Allah.

Thanks OmegaMan, I am not trying to get your sympathy, but Dato Prof Dr Ghauth Jasmon & Dato Prof Dr Abd Shukor Husin used the fact that I am a divorcee against me.

Dato Ghauth Jasmon is better than a psychiatrist, you know. Although he is qualified as an engineer, he can tell a person is crazy just by looking at her. He said to me the first time he saw me, he concludes that I am crazy! He said I am crazy because I failed 80 percent of his students! He said, “All over the world people want to study in MMU”.

OmegaMan, I swear in ALLAh’s name that I speak the truth.