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Comment to OmegaMan in TMP by SJS & Team (Now deleted)

Thanks OmegaMan for every kind words. OmegaMan, in another blog “Normal is Overrated” under “A Complaint to USIM” somebody wrote to me, the following:


“an2blur Says:


April 21, 2009 at 3:12 am

dear my beloved Nor,


may i ask u something?


what happened at MMU before u come to USIM?


So I replied to him OmegaMan the following,


April 21, 2009 at 4:32 am

“Well go and check with the MQA lah, U think U can use it against me, ha!ha! Go ahead, I am waiting for your cheap shots, I am not afraid of U & Ghauth Jasmon!!!!!! Ha!HA! HA! You are fighting with the wrong person!Kah! Kah! Kah! You are digging Gauth Jasmon’s Grave & MMU. Kah ! Kah! Kah!”



This is not the first time I was victimized for sticking to my principles. Prof Dato Dr Ghauth Jasmon (former MMU president & the current VC of University Malaya) suspended me because I refused to follow MMU’s regulations that “only 20% can fail & a majority of the undergraduates must get B”. I really suffered because MMU did not pay my salary until I had to borrow RM50 from a friend and it was during the fasting month. You know I had to celebrate hari raya being jobless & penniless with my children. I can suffer alone but my children also HAD TO SUFFER WITH ME because I stuck to my principles!!!!! I even felt sorry that MY CHILDREN HAD ME AS THEIR PENNILESS DOWNTRODDEN MOTHER!!! For the Record, MMU later paid me the salary.


Despite being victimized at MMU, in USIM, the same thing happened, THE SUPERIORS DEMANDED HIGH PASSING RATE REGARDLESS OF THE POOR QUALITY but OmegaMan, I was still the same principled person just like when I was at MMU. Nobody can buy my soul, it is not for sale. I won’t sell my soul at any price, as every soul belongs to ALLAH the Almighty.


OmegaMan, SJS & readers of TMP,


You will read all those character assassinations against me. It is the Malay culture to look down at divorcees. When I refused to obey the unethical order by the dean at USIM, the VC of USIM Dato Prof Dr Abd Shukor Husin stoop so low to announce in a meeting with all USIM Deans, that I ada hubungan dengan seorang dekan yang sudah berkahwin!!! Dengan nama Allah, ini adalah fitnah! OmegaMan, in Islam, fitnah/slander is more sinful than killing. This Fitnah came from a VC whom the Malaysian Government ALSO appoints as “Chairman of Fatwa Committee”. O My God! Allah please save the Muslims from this charlatan & Munafiq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dato Prof Abd Shukor Husin treated me as if I am an immoral, cheap woman who have no parents & no breeding. His daughter is as ugly as him and he puts her high on the pedestal. Would anyone slander his daughter having an affair with anyone as she is god-damn ugly?

Dato Prof Abd Shukor Husin is too much as he slandered/fitnah me just because I refused to manipulate marks. I am not his first victim you know!


Don’t be fooled by charlatans out there who have Syariah/Islamic degrees/masters/phds to boot, but they are the ones who desecrate and defile Islam as well as trample on those who strive to be bertaqwa (like me). I don’t claim to be bertakwa but I try to please Allah My Creator & Savior!!!


Prof Dato Dr Ghauth Jasmon labeled me as “gila” in a board of directors meeting when a director tried to defend me. Prof Dato Dr Ghauth Jasmon said to the Director, “Why do you defend her, is she your girlfriend?”


These people, OmegaMan, ada good connections WITH THE POWERS THAT BE, KAKI AMPU & YES Men. I am a nobody. I challenge the Malaysian Government to investigate MMU & USIM & REVEAL TO THE PUBLIC!!!!! KOREK! KOREK! KOREK!


FYI, OmegaMan, I complained to MQA about MMU but the answer is very disappointing. As usual lah, you knowlah, partners in crime, brothers in arms, solidarity among the corrupt!!!


Why am I not afraid to say this? SJS, if they sue you FOR PUBLISHING THIS, ASK THEM TO SUE ME, I’ll take FULL RESPONSIBILITY AS THESE PEOPLE MADE ME & MY CHILDREN SUFFER BIG TIME YOU KNOW! I shall reveal my identity to you if they sue you. They forget I have strong faith in ALLAH ALMIGHTY (SUBHANA WA TAALA).


No problem lah OmegaMan, Allah is Fair, now, I have food on my table, I have roof over my head & my children are healthy. What more can I ask. I don’t die if I am jobless. No problem lah, OmegaMan, rezeki di tangan Allah.


Thanks OmegaMan, I am not trying to get your sympathy, but Dato Prof Dr Ghauth Jasmon & Dato Prof Dr Abd Shukor Husin used the fact that I am a divorcee against me.


Dato Ghauth Jasmon is better than a psychiatrist, you know. Although he is qualified as an engineer, he can tell a person is crazy just by looking at her. He said to me the first time he saw me, he concludes that I am crazy! He said I am crazy because I failed 80 percent of his students! He said, “All over the world people want to study in MMU”.


OmegaMan, I swear in ALLAh’s name that I speak the truth.


I challenge You Khaled Nordin & Muhamad Muda

I challenge You Khaled Nordin & Muhamad Muda to release to the public the final exam papers for Ahwal Shakhsiyyah which I marked. Some of the papers were inspected by reporters from the Star & Kosmo!……..This is the month of Shaaban, next month is Ramadhan. You cowards have been unfair to me……..Just you wait, O shameless ones, just you wait…..for Allah is Most Fair & Just, He witnessed all your transgressions towards me…..HasbunAllah Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Ni’mal Maula Wa Ni’maNNaseer . Allahumma Solli ‘Ala Saidina Muhammad wa ‘ala alihi wasahbihi wasallim. Ya Allah Engkau Maha Adil Lagi Maha Mengetahui, Aku percaya padaMu Ya Allah……Balaslah kejahatan golongan yang menzalimi diriku dan anak-anakku Ya Allah Ya Rahmaan Ya Raheem.Ameen Ya Rabbal A’lamin.