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Ambiga vs Ragunath =Ambiga has guts (President Malaysian Bar)

I complained about the unethical MMU to Dato Ambiga

She promptly answered my email and gave her stance

I complained about the unislamic USIM to Ragunath

Until today he has not given me his two-cents’ worth

I met him as well (showed some proof)

I found him to be wishy-washy about it

He could not care less about USIM’s manipulation of marks & the low standards of law graduates

He is manipulative too

He said to me “You can’t expect the Malaysian Bar to issue a statement on this” when I demanded his stance

I replied, “I don’t need you to issue a statement, I just want your stand on USIM’s marks manipulation”.

He just kept quiet. Until today he is silent on the USIM issue.

My verdict: Ambiga has more balls than Ragunath. Ambiga told me her view but Ragunath does not. I don’t need to have balls to have the guts to expose the unethical practices of USIM & MMU.

Balls for sale, any takers????