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Bakal NC USIM! Take care of your own sex life : Covers Inadequacies By Hurling ad hominem arguments

(BEARING IN MIND THAT  USIM’s motto is “BERILMU, BERDISIPLIN DAN BERTAQWA” ): This USIM Faculty Syariah & Law Undergraduate is clearly devoid of taqwa by writing this sms message to me :

from 0132989406

“i suggest kt u, elok u kawen la.batin u tu kosng.perlu diisi.”

This student is insinuating that I am so hard up, desperate for sex. I conclude from this sms that this particular student is not a virgin although he/she is unmarried as only those who had carnal intercourse (had sex) would assume that others are deprived (like him/her). Shame on you USIM for having an immoral undergraduate in your midst. What a waste studying Islam throughout your primary, secondary and tertiary education when you can’t even control your sexual desire!

Take care of your own sex life, I am happy being a divorcee and I am an Allah-fearing Muslimah!!!! I have turned down more than 10 proposals, it’s none of your damn bloody business whether  I should marry or not!!!!! My marital status has nothing to do with your stupidity and immoral behaviour.

Stupid is what stupid does and your exam answer speaks volume of your inability to string a proper sentence!!!!

If you have nothing else to do, please advise “Isteri Orang Bekas Janda buah DADA besar tak pakai bra dan anak tudung yang Merenyam di Ofis Prof Abdul Shukor, NC awak tu!!!!”  Or you can go merenyam yourself to Ofis Prof Abdul Shukor, OK!!!! USIM DOES NOT RUN OUT OF SUPPLY OF UNISLAMIC MUNAFIQ UNDERGRADUATES & STAFF!!!!

Argumentum ad Hominem (abusive and circumstantial):
the fallacy of attacking the character or circumstances of an individual who is advancing a statement or an argument instead of trying to disprove the truth of the statement or the soundness of the argument. Often the argument is characterized simply as a personal attack.

  1. The personal attack is also often termed an “ad personem argument”: the statement or argument at issue is dropped from consideration or is ignored, and the locutor’s character or circumstances are used to influence opinion.
  2. The fallacy draws its appeal from the technique of “getting personal.” The assumption is that what the locutor is saying is entirely or partially dictated by his character or special circumstances and so should be disregarded.