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Careful marking & totalling up the marks of the exam scripts-MMU

Dear Readers

Below in red is the Dean’s message to 2 tutors to total up the marks in my exam scripts. The dean forced me at the very last minute to make a marking scheme which I followed. She also forced law lecturers to itemise the marking that is to put the mark at every accepted point. For example before this, lecturers would read the whole answer and give the marks only after they finish the last sentence of that particular answer such as 14 over 25. But this Economic trained Dean forced law lecturers to itemise and justify  the marking that is to put the mark at every accepted pointThe good thing for me is that I followed her instruction, thus my marking was justified and based on the marking scheme which she forced me to prepare!!!!!  The marks were also calculated carefully by the tutors whom she directed to assist me. However this dean, later was not pleased with the results because she said Prof Chuah  & the MMU senate would not approve the grades, only 20% passed and 80% failed!!! The irony is she forced law lecturers  to mark carefully, justify and itemise the marking. Moreover she also forced me to follow the answer scheme!!!! MMU under Ghauth Jasmon, only allowed 20% failures. (Please read the Star’s article “Not up to mark” by Sarah Chew in my blog which stated that “there used to be a stricter guideline of what was deemed a “normal” rate of passing and perhaps lecturers were fearful of failing students to adhere to the bell curve, but MMU does not practise that anymore.”)


Please assist Mdm “My real name”

 Monday, May 28, 2007 5:23 PM


“Dr Goh Pek Chen” <>


“wendy teoh ming yen” <>, “Ong Shuk Wern” <>, “My real name” <my real name>

Dear Ms Wendy Teoh and Ms Ong Shuk Wern,
Mdm (my real name)  needs assistance in  totalling up the marks of every scripts. I assign both of you to help her. Please bring along a calculator
Mdm (my real name),
Please let Wendy and Ong know when you need their assistance. Their office’s phone number is 3768.