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I challenge You Khaled Nordin & Muhamad Muda

I challenge You Khaled Nordin & Muhamad Muda to release to the public the final exam papers for Ahwal Shakhsiyyah which I marked. Some of the papers were inspected by reporters from the Star & Kosmo!……..This is the month of Shaaban, next month is Ramadhan. You cowards have been unfair to me……..Just you wait, O shameless ones, just you wait…..for Allah is Most Fair & Just, He witnessed all your transgressions towards me…..HasbunAllah Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Ni’mal Maula Wa Ni’maNNaseer . Allahumma Solli ‘Ala Saidina Muhammad wa ‘ala alihi wasahbihi wasallim. Ya Allah Engkau Maha Adil Lagi Maha Mengetahui, Aku percaya padaMu Ya Allah……Balaslah kejahatan golongan yang menzalimi diriku dan anak-anakku Ya Allah Ya Rahmaan Ya Raheem.Ameen Ya Rabbal A’lamin.


Datuk Yusuf Kasim DG of Public Universities, MOHE

I was informed by a Professor before I saw Datuk Yusuf Kasim, DG of Public Universities, MOHE ,that I should not expect much from him as  Datuk Yusuf Kasim is an opportunist, he will only help those who will benefit him as well. The Professor was right! He provoked me on my first meeting. So the moral of the story is, there is a top-ranked civil servant who is an opportunist, who will not defend  the down-trodden.