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Syiah IIUM, ISTAC and UM

There was an International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) graduate whom I knew. One day he called me via phone and said:

” Aku tak aman tapi bila aku masuk syiah aku rasa aman. Kalau hang nak aku boleh bagi kat hang buku pasal Syiah.”

I told him I have not studied Sunnah wal Jamaah deeply which I was born to follow so I cannot learn about Syiah.

I never answered his calls after that conversation.

There was a female University Malaya lecturer who appeared in Al Kulliyah, TV3’s religious talk show. A few days before the show was aired live, I called the show’s top crew and asked why was she invited to speak in the show since she is known to be a Syiah follower (Shiite). The crew replied “Dia tak cakap pasal Syiah, dia cakap  pasal isu kekeluargaan”.

Am I against Syiah?

I do not want to know about Syiah because I have not mastered Sunnah wal Jamaah which I was born to follow.

There was an ISTAC lecturer who told me to get rid of my prejudice towards Syiah (He [who reveres Ayatullah Khomeini] told me that I was prejudiced towards Syiah. Well, he is entitled to his opinion).

Well, I want to study Sunnah wal Jamaah deeply before I venture into other studies.