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Muhammad Muda the Big Bully

When I questioned Muhammad Muda “Why does the university offer the subject in English when the students are not proficient?” (so ambitious, bodoh mereput tak sedar diri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yang tahu pun asyik nak hina aku jadi janda!!!!Mentaliti Melayu yang suka menjatuhkan orang)

He retorted by saying “You have no right to ask that question!”

So I said to him “I am not going to lower my standards to please you!”

He started berating me, (You are a failure…..etc) I stood up, headed to the door and shocked him when I said to him  calmly ,  “You give me your official letter asking me to leave this university.”

You see, I am used to bullies. Before I joined MMU and USIM, I stood up against a millionaire who beat me up in front of my children and put his foot on my chest to demean me. This millionaire said to me “You get out of my house and leave your children with me”. This millionare told the police that I am crazy when I lodged a police report against him. This millonaire beat me up  6 times from 2000-2006. His physical abuses are pulling my hair, punching my face, strangling me, banging my head on the cupboard and putting his foot on my chest. So standing up against Muhammad Muda, Abdul Samat Musa, Ghauth Jasmon or Goh Pek Chen is nothing to me. I am not afraid of powerful abusive men or women, I will never kowtow to them, they will get their dues in the hereafter!! Alhamdulillah Allah gives me the strength to face these bullies. (I am not great compared to Bilal Bin Rabah, Sumayyah, Masyitah, Asiah)……My suffering is miniscule compared to theirs…..Sikit aje….Biarlah sembah pada Allah daripada tunduk kepada Kaki Buli dan Penipu!!!!!!