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No sir, ‘marks-fixing is acceptable’- thesundaily 30 June 2009

by Tan Yi Liang


Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

(Usim) law lecturer says Higher

Education Minister Datuk Seri

Khaled Nordin has contradicted

his ministry’s stand on


“He says marks-fixing by

universities is unacceptable

and should be investigated. I

have a letter from the ministry

saying otherwise,” said Yasmin

Noor, who had alleged that she

was victimised and pressured

to quit after refusing to pass

students who had failed her


On Thursday, at the opening

of the annual National Higher

Education Conference, Khaled

said: “I think any attempt to

fix marks is unacceptable. We

cannot accept such things

because it is against professionalism.

“We hope, if there is any

complaint over such matters,

an investigation will be

conducted by the relevant


Yasmin said: “I complained

to the ministry after I was victimised

in June 2008 but the

ministry only gave its reply in

February 2009.

“The ministry had responded

in favour of Usim,

despite me clearly detailing

the harassment in Usim.

“I had complained that a

senior shouted at me, accusing

me of being a failure and

that I should leave as I am not

suitable to teach in Usim.”

Yasmin, who was with

USIM’s law faculty, said she

only received a letter from the

ministry in February which upheld

the university’s decision

on altering and giving passing

grades to her failed students.

The letter states: “The Usim

Senate acted correctly in its

capacity as the highest authority

in academic affairs and has

the right to request that a student’s

marks be reassessed.

There was no wrongdoing on

the part of USIM.”

“I, therefore, challenge

the minister’s statement and

stand on marks-fixing being

unacceptable. I also never

got to meet the person whom

I complained to in the first

place, Department of Higher

Education director-general

Datuk Radin Umar, what more

the minister.

“I was also not notified that

the matter was being investigated

prior to my resignation

on Dec 18, 2008.

“Why did they not tell me

about this before I resigned,

otherwise I would not have

quit. Why didn’t they tell me

about the letter until February

2009,” she asked.