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Give service with integrity, says Chief Sec-Daily Express

Daily Express

Give service with integrity, says Chief Sec

Published on: Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kota Kinabalu: The only service the public service can give is service with integrity, said Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan.

“Government servants need to deliver their service with integrity, otherwise somebody else, either from the inside or outside, will deliver it.” Mohd Sidek said this while closing the Integrity and Management National Convention 2006 here on Friday.

According to Mohd Sidek, the theme of the convention, “Civil Service Integrity – Foundation for National Development”, has been chosen in line with the latest development, where customers’ expectation keeps increasing and demands a more responsive, transparent and effective service delivery system.

Mohd Sidek said to increase the efficiency of the service delivery system, efforts need to be made to tackle bureaucracy and the service given must be beyond the ordinary.

“The Prime Minister has urged that civil servants always become a facilitator for everyone, whether members of the public or the private sector.

“Civil servants need to facilitate, not frustrate,” Mohd Sidek said.

He also urged all civil servants to identify, assess and review present practices and make improvements to work systems and procedures, laws and regulations in use to ensure smooth implementation of policies and national development strategies.

Mohd Sidek said the private sector also ought to work with its public counterpart to develop the country and that an environment that bolsters cooperation between the two needs to be created.

At the present, there are many negative elements that try to undermine the integrity of the public service.

Mohd Sidek said a lot of parties say weaknesses in the public service originate from corrupt practices, graft and misconduct.

“To defend itself against these perceptions, integrity in the service needs to start from the grassroots level to the higher level of the service.

“A government servant personally has no power, what gives him power is his position,” stressed Mohd Sidek.

The Chief Secretary said the government takes integrity seriously and has created a strong mechanism and structure to make sure the integrity of the civil service remains at its highest form.

“The Special Cabinet Committee on the Strengthening of Government Management and the National Integrity Plan have been implemented to tackle the issue. The government will fight corruption, graft and misconduct from all angles.”

Mohd Sidek also urged all department heads to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in line with the government’s decision to inculcate a culture of performance appraisal.

“Priority needs to be given to main processes that have a high impact on the customers when creating the KPIs,” he said.

He also wanted civil servants to inculcate noble values at the workplace and to work hard to develop the human capital as successes in future depend on the quality of the human capital at present.