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Statement issued by Yasmin Norhazleena Bahari on MOHE & PCB

“In view of the Ministry of Higher Education’s (MOHE) action covering up for USIM as well as the Public Complaints Bureau’s (PCB/BPA) refusal to deliver to me the document chronicling MOHE’s actions vis a vis my complaint, I am of the view that it is the MOHE’s & PCB’s policy to cover up the manipulation of marks at USIM in order to protect the interests of the Malay undergraduates regardless of the fact that the undergraduates were not able to answer rote questions in decent English, to my detriment. The whole population of the undergraduates who took my courses are malays.

As a Malay Muslim, I find USIM’s, MOHE’s and PCB’s actions to be sinful and contemptible.  Marks manipulation is unethical and immoral in any valid norms and ethics. Indeed USIM, MOHE  and PCB(BPA) are immoral and yet they are not ashamed of themselves as they are the powers that be, devoid of moral compass, the Goliath, the titans, the tyrants……Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely………This is an example of a corrupt Malaysian civil service,  ethical Malaysians should be aware that  USIM, MOHE  and PCB are neither transparent nor ethical…….