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The integrity of Prof Abdul Aziz Bari

Prof Abdul Aziz Bari tidak kedekut ilmu dan murah hati.

Beliau memberikan saya eceran jurnal yang amat bermanfaat.

However I discovered his lack of integrity the hard way.

He was appointed as the MMU’s school of law external examiner.

At the time I was persecuted by Ghauth Jasmon, Goh Pek Chen & Flora Teichner for refusing to manipulate marks (many students failed my paper), I called Prof Aziz Bari, asking him about the standards of the exam answers. He agreed with my view that the standard is low. So I said to him, “Can you please convey that to the management?’. To my surprise he answered, “It’s not good (for me to tell the management that the students are of low standards) to offend the management.” This is the lack of integrity displayed by Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari. He preferred to protect his self-interest rather than upholding the truth. Were you remunerated for being MMU’s external examiner? If so, does money silent you? Does remuneration prevent you from saying the truth?