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USIM is our baby, we will protect and cover up its scams, PERIOD!!!!!!!

USIM is our baby,

We conceived and gave birth to it,

We must nurse it

It needs a lot of nourishment.

If it misbehaves or goes beyond that,

We will cover its vices because we can’t allow USIM to be embarassed!!!

If USIM is limping, We will be it’s crutch.

We will support USIM and be its mouthpiece as we need USIM & USIM needs us!

We are mutually depending on one another!!!

Yasmin Norhazleena Bahari is indeed naive for thinking that we would punish USIM for its manipulations and victimisation towards her.

Doesn’t she know who the members of USIM’s senates are?

We appointed a KSU of the Education Ministry as a member of USIM’s senate!!

Yes, we can surely pull the wool over the public’s eyes!!! Yeah, what bliss!!! To fool the public!!!!

Anyway USIM is the one with the deep pockets, the NST Group will not expose and  sully USIM as USIM has advertised a lot in NST’s newspapers!!!

We control the Media, Nicompoop!!!!

Yasmin Norhazleena Bahari can only win her battle against  USIM, in her dreams!!!!!

For now, we are her (Yasmin Norhazleena Bahari) nightmare.

Doesn’t she know who the Chairman of USIM is?

Who the hell is Yasmin Norhazleena Bahari?

She is a nobody, her uncle was merely a former KSU, Look at the Chairman of USIM, a former Minister!!!

She is indeed stupid and naive to think that we live,breathe and shit the National Integrity Plan!!!

The National Integrity Plan is a sham, our pledge which we don’t intend to honour.

So, Yasmin Norhazleena Bahari, you are losing your battle, we will cover up for USIM no matter what, as we need them, for our survival!

Furthermore we don’t believe that Islam, Allah & Taqwa are relevant in this modern age.

You can go on saying that you refused to manipulate marks because you fear Allah, You can go on seeking Allah’ s pleasure, Yasmin Norhazleena Bahari.

We,  as staunch supporters of USIM don’t give damn about Allah, Islam & Taqwa!!!!!!

Allah is not important to us.


Don’t you understand that we are in dire need of their support (USIM, THE UNDERGRADUATES & THEIR PARENTS) ,

USIM is our baby, we will protect and cover up its scams, PERIOD!!!!!!!