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The Fasiq who made me cry (It’s an achievement for him as I am a strong woman)

Why do I go against Haji Abdul Samat Musa?

That is not the right question

The right question is “Why do I refuse to manipulate marks?”

If I do so in order to please Haji Abdul Samat Musa, Goh Pok Chen, I commit injustice towards myself. I will feel guilty towards Allah Subhana Wa Taala and my ibadat (solat) would be affected. I don’t think I can face Allah with clean hands and clear conscience.

Allah is more important than any mortals be it superiors, boyfriends etc……

I said to Haji Abdul Samat Musa

“If I pass the students who fail can you defend me when we face Allah Subhana Wa Taala? Can you guarantee that Allah Subhana Wa Taala will forgive me for cheating?”

Abdul Samat Musa could not look at me in the eye but he said “That is not cheating. Puan berada dalam satu organisasi dan saya adalah ketua organisasi ini. Puan harus akur dengan arahan saya.”

I also said to him in our final meeting “You can’t accept the fact that your students are weak”

And then he replied “There are your students also”

I also got emotional and cried by saying “I thought you were orang beriman”

He was shocked to see me cry so he said to me “This meeting is over”